The districts of Torrevieja – a map worth knowing

After choosing the city of Torrevieja, actually the first thing I thought of was the place I should choose. ? The neighbourhoods in Torrevieja, like in any other city, are not the same. They differ in the type of development , density and national composition of the population, transport infrastructure, etc. The best areas of Torrevieja to live in may not be so convenient for a short-term holiday. Therefore, when choosing a particular area to rent or buy a property , you should be guided by your personal priorities. What is more important, the sea within walking distance or the children’s school around the corner? Shops and shopping centres nearby or no parking problems? Let’s sort it out. The neighbourhoods in Torrevieja have no clear division. It is unlikely that you will find even one map of the city that shows the boundaries of the neighbourhoods. Rather, the division is a contingent one, historically shaped by the nature of the land and buildings. We will also follow this conditional division. So the areas of Torrevieja: Centro, El Acequión – Los Naúfragos, La Siesta – El Salado – Torreta, Los Balcones – Los Altos del Edén, Nueva Torrevieja – Aguas Nuevas, Playa de los Locos, Playa del Cura.

Map of districts of Torrevieja

The Map of Torrevieja – source:

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