Trip from Torrevieja to Alicante – how to get, what to visit

In today’s article, we’ll help everyone with a quick tour of Alicante. It turns out that you can plan a short leisure stay in Alicante by corralling the Bus Station and making the whole way on foot. A few hours and you’ll get the quintessential Alicante experience. Visiting the entire city requires quite a bit of time, probably spread out over several days. We will tell you how to get to Alicante, what to visit, so that you can still get back to where you came from at a decent hour. Pretty much, traveling to Alicante with a child is possible according to the schedule below. The following trip took us from Torrevieja and sporotem about 8 hours, including a few hours lounging on a local beach in Alicante. Getting started.

Regardless of where you are traveling from, the point of interest is Alicante’s main train station – the heart of the city. You can get to the center of Alicante directly from the Alicante Elche airport stop or at the main station in Torrevieja. The trip is pleasant, takes over an hour, and costs just over 4 euros. Passing through Santa Pola you may manage to see flamingos and pink water.

Traveling by public bus – from Torrevieja to the Alicante train station, you’ll pass through Santa Pola, near which you’ll find salt mines, come across pink lakes and see flamingos (and other unique birds in the Les Salinas de Santa Pola reserve). You’ll also see the pink lakes in the bus windows already in Torrevieja. Source: own photos.

The best pizzeria in Alicante

Po podróży warto udać się coś zjeść. Odwiedziliśmy najlepszą pizzerię w Alicante według Tripadvisor. Pizza numer jeden znajduje się na Carrer Alemiania 12 w Alicante. Pizzeria Da Nonna Nina jest otwarta codziennie w godiznach 13:15 – 16:15 oraz 20:00 – 23:00, a zamówienie możesz złożyć na miejscu, telefonicznie lub online na stronie

Pizzeria w Alicante, według TripAdvisor – jedna z lepszych, w jakich możesz zjeść pizze w tym mieście. Źródło: zdjęcie własne.

The place is extremely atmospheric, and you’ll find pizzas on the menu at a good price (for example, the cost of a Carbonara pizza is €10.90). You can also choose from several sizes. The “Familiar” size pizza is easily enough for a 2+1 family (two parents plus a child).

The crew at the pizzeria – welcomes guests with a smile and makes every effort to make sure you eat pleasantly. The restaurant is air-conditioned. The pizza is tasty.

Pin: Pizzeria Da Nonna Nina

The decor of the pizzeria in Alicante makes you feel pleasant and homely. The friendly staff will make your stay pleasant, and the pizza is tasty. Source: personal photo.

Alicante’s fig avenue – a place to relax in the shade

Near the pizzeria is an avenue of fig trees, where you can find shade for yourself under these huge beautiful trees. You can take a look at the majestic trees, and if you want to read about the remarkable history of these trees take a look at the Communidad Valenciana website.

Pin: Park Canalejas

Fig trees provide shade for passersby, and the park itself is a gathering place, usually devoid of crowds and much cooler than the hot surroundings of the city center. Source: personal photo.

La Explanada de Espana – Alicante street with a mosaic on the road

La Explanada de Espana is the main wide promenade in Alicante. It has been paved with nearly 7 million tiles that form a mosaic characteristic of Spain. Created in 1867, it is the brainchild of architect Jose Guardiola Pico. The pattern reflects the waves of the Mediterranean Sea. The mosaic is composed in such a way that one has the illusion that some of the tiles form mountains and some form holes. The promenade, stretching here between Plaza del Mar and Canalejas, is surrounded by four rows of beautiful palm trees.

Pin: Promenada w Alicante

The world-famous mosaic in Alicante, imitates waves, creating the illusion of “mountains” and “holes” in the street. Source: own photo.

Alicante Marina

Due to its location, the Port of Alicante is one of the main maritime hubs and can accommodate as many as 740 vessels. Sitting by the shore, you can admire the impressive yachts “parked” in the marina. Next to it you’ll find a museum that’s worth a visit if you still have some time.

Pin: Marina Alicante

The overwhelming number of exclusive boats, yachts and ships in the marina is a treat for many a sailing fan. Source: own photo.

Playa del Postiguet

One of the nicest beaches in Alicante, sandy with blue water, usually a bit crowded, but wide enough for everyone to find a spot. Plus, nearby cafes provide drinks and snacks. The beach has toilets and lifeguards, as well as a boardwalk.

Pin: Playa del Postiguet

Beach del Postiguet – one of the larger beaches of Alicante, full of tourists in high season, but also close to the city center.

Saint Barbara’s Castle

If you’ve been to the port or the beach of del Postiguet, you’ve probably caught a glimpse of the beautiful hill and the steps perched on it. At the top of the hill Mount Benacantil is the castle of Saint Barbara, known as the fortress of Alicante.

Pin: Castillo de Santa Barbara

St. Barbara’s Castle seems to be the most famous landmark in the city of Alicante, and if you’re not traveling with small children, you may be tempted to climb to the top of the mountain. Photo source: wikimedia

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