Torrevieja becomes a centre of innovation in education with the 3rd “Reinventing Education” Congress

Torrevieja, a picturesque town on the Spanish coast, is best known for its beautiful beaches and charming climate. However, on Saturday 9 March, the town was transformed into an epicentre of discussion about the future of education. More than 1,100 people from all over Spain descended on the International Auditorium in Torrevieja to attend the 3rd Reinventing Education Congress. The event brought together prominent speakers to share their thoughts on the direction of contemporary education.

Ticket sales beat all expectations

The organisers, including the Councillor for Education at Torrevieja City Council, Ricardo Recuero, and members of the technical committee of the congress, Salvador Vicente, Germán Gutiérrez and Álvaro Barrio, presented details of this unique event. Tickets, which started selling on 20 January at a price of €20, sold out in less than half an hour, demonstrating the great interest and demand for new approaches in education. More than 350 people were on the waiting list, further emphasising the importance and popularity of the event.

Elite group of speakers

Speakers will include well-known figures such as Albert Espinosa, Irene Villa, María Couso, Jorge Luengo, Sonia Díez, David Bueno and Javier Romero. Their presence ensures that the congress will not only be a place to share experiences, but also a source of inspiration for teachers and education professionals. The sessions were full of inspiring lectures, as well as musical performances and surprises that made the event an unforgettable experience for all participants.

Nationwide interest

The congress is attracting participants from all corners of Spain, including a group that will come especially from the Canary Islands. This shows the importance of the congress for the educational community throughout the country. Partners of the event include AGAMED, Toloal Seguridad, Informedia and Education 3.0 magazine, among others. In addition, CEFIRE of Orihuela, as co-organiser, will provide certificates to all teachers attending the event, which will be noted in their training records.

Thanks to the local community

In closing, Ricardo Recuero expressed his gratitude to the many people and institutions who had worked for months to prepare the event. He gave special thanks to the Torrevieja Conservatory of Music ‘Francisco Casanovas’ for their support and participation in the congress. This involvement of the local community shows the importance of innovation in education and the role it can play in transforming communities.

Torrevieja, normally quiet and peaceful, became the heart of the debate on the future of education on 9 March.

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