Tabarca Island – cruises, attractions, points of interest and photos

Are you visiting Torrevieja in Spain? If so, make sure Tabarca Island is also on your itinerary. One of the most interesting things you can do in Torrevieja to course to the island of Tabarca, where you can visit the second best beaches in Spain according to National Geographic. Located just off the coast of Torrevieja, getting to the island is easy – a cruise ship will transport you there in about an hour. But what awaits once you land? After all, this is where some say man first settled and established his own community in 1768. As evidenced by the various strategic military points along the coast.

Tabarca Island – what you should know about it

Tabarca is an inhabited island in the Mediterranean Sea located near Alicante and Santa Pola, which you can reach by cruise from Santa Pola, Alicante but also Torrevieja. Beyond:

  • It is the largest island with an area of 0.3 km² in an archipelago of more than a dozen islets, boulders and shallows
  • Administratively, the island belongs to the city of Alicante
  • The island was named after Ligurian settlers from the Tunisian island of Tabarka in the 18th century
  • The island is geared up for tourism and has numerous restaurants and souvenir shops
  • The island is connected by a narrow isthmus where the harbour is located
  • There are no cars on the island, only forklifts
  • Tabarca Island Museum opened near the port

Cruises to Tabarca Island

Cruises from Torrevieja to Tabarca

▶ Departure at 10:45 am
◀ Return (arrival in the port of Torrevieja) at 19:00.
PRICES (both ways)
Adults: € 25 .
Children aged 3 to 10 years: 19 € .
Children from 0 to 2 years: free of charge .
Special prices for groups.

Tickets can be purchased on site at the Marina or online.

The voyage itself can pass in various ways. It is customary for the crew to have pouches with which they sometimes treat passengers who cannot stand the rocking on the water. For those who are afraid of the rocking, rather fast ship, we recommend going below deck. At a table, with a minibar, they are free to watch the sea through the windows. However, we recommend staying on deck, where you can see the large Mediterranean fish jumping and, if you’re lucky, dolphins.

As you approach the shore, go down to the very bottom of the deck where, through small windows, you will be able to observe the seabed, with its often colourful species of fish.

The pick-up and arrival point in Torrevieja is approximately 50 metres from the Tabarka ticketing location

What you can do on the island of Tabarca

After leaving the ferry, you only need to walk a distance of about 500 metres to reach the beautiful rocky beaches. Next to it you will find restaurants prepared for tourists, where you can eat deliciously, enjoying the shade of their restaurant gardens. The view of the harbour itself, with its yachts and boats, makes a pleasant impression, made worse by the clear, bright water you will find here.

View from Tabarka harbour
View of the Tabarka Island harbour
The beaches of Tabarca Island have a full infrastructure to offer: toilets, showers, restaurants, bars

Visiting the island will take you to more bars, restaurants or small shops, but you will also get to know the interesting architecture of the island’s buildings and nature.

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